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The LED Hall

The LED Hall is to encourage the installation of LED lights by promoting the advantage of LED as eco-friendly and highly efficient lights and providing visitors with the opportunity to experience dramatic display of lights through the integrated control system.

The LED Hall presents various examples of applying LED to advanced medical and vehicle industries as well as to ordinary lives.

Location: Honam Energy and Climate Change Center (in the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)

Size: about 500 m² (interior: about 330m², exterior: about 170m²)

Composition of the Hall

  • Interior layout: categorized into 8 zones
    ⇒ Basic Information Space, LED Event Space, Urban Space, Park · Green Space: Outdoor Resting Area, Interaction Space, Commercial Space, House · Office space, and Integrated Control Space
  • Exterior layout: categorized into 2 zones
    ⇒ Outdoor LED Park and Test-bed of LED Streetlights and Security Lights

Programs of the LED Hall

  • Programs to help photonics experts, overseas buyers, ordinary people, and students experience LED lights and to prepare field trips in connection with photonics industry clusters
  • Programs to strengthen the competitiveness of LED products by realizing future-oriented energy-saving lights and by improving the products' performance via the management of a test-bed for new LED products

How to make a reservation for the LED Hall

  • Access to
  • o to "Exhibition Halls", to "Make a Reservation", and to "LED Hall", fill out the form, and click "Confirm" (in Korean).
  • To confirm the reservation, Tell. +82-62-602-0025 or 0026 or access the website of the Green Energy Experience Hall