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Photonics Korea 2015

Photonics Korea 2015 is an international exhibition on photonics technologies of the future and will be the valuable opportunity to help photonics companies enter into the global market and to set Gwangju as the center of the photonic industry of the world

Photonics Korea 2015

  • Each exhibition booth displays new photonics technologies categorized in accordance with relevant organizations and business centers which support the photonics industry
  • Ten events hosted by the relevant organizations (such as seminars, conferences, and presentations about technology transfer) is expected to be held during the exhibition.
  • Programs for IOCTC (International Optical Convergence Technology Conference) 2015 is designed in line with the exhibition (sending invitation to renowned scholars of the world)
  • Tour programs for overseas major buyers are in place.

IOCTC 2015

  • IOCTC 2015 is a conference for cutting-edge technologies (about laser, OLED, promising photonics technologies, and etc.) with domestic and overseas experts.
  • The theme of this conference is photonics convergence technologies which reflect market and policy trends of the photonics industry.
  • This conference also focuses on marketing support for companies – end users of the technologies.

Inviting major overseas buyers to provide export counselling

  • Strengthening the competitiveness of South Korea photonics companies and increasing their sales by providing export counselling with overseas buyers invited to Photonics Korea 2015

Holding cooperation forums for small-, mid-, and large-sized corporations in and out of South Korea

  • Finding business items for which large corporations and small- and mid-sized local corporations can cooperate with each other in line with large corporations' policy goals to seek the modular system for LEDs
  • Generating a new business model where small-, mid-, and large-sized corporations can cooperate in terms of product development and supply of finished goods and parts

Holding a seminar on marketing strategies for companies entering into regional business centers

  • Providing the information on photonics technologies in regional business centers (in the US, Japan, Germany, China, South East Asia, Russia, and the CIS) and marketing strategies for companies to enter into overseas markets

Holding presentations and seminars on nurturing the photonics industry and on transferring technologies to other institutions

  • Providing actual support to companies through the collaboration between the agencies which nurture and support the photonics industry and which can transfer technologies to companies after focusing on selected events organized by the agencies (as of 2015)