The Korean Association of Photonics Industry Development(KAPID) was established on March 30th. 2000, in a purpose to promote the developments, cultivation and to expand the Korean photonics industry and its related industries. By appointing the photonics industry as 'The High Tech industry of the 21st Century,' Korean government has also established concentrated investment plans in which, the industry is being continuously cultivated systematically. With this active supports from the government, KAPID has been established as a major civil propelling agent to promote the cultivation of the photonics industry. We, KAPID would keep on trying with our various efforts to promote the cultivation and developments of national photonics industry and the growth of its related industries.

The photonics industry is the high value-added business based on new technologies and has constructed the nation's largest integrated complex for photonics industry by carrying forward the 1st, 2nd and 3rd step business of the Industry development in Gwangju built up the industry clusters by the government since 2000. It is expected that Korean photonics industry will have managed to realize the vision of the development and integration ranked world's top 3 within a few years.

From now on, a steady growth in LED industry is also predicted by carrying out the business in earnest such as expending the distribution of green energy, replacing with LED lighting in public institutions, demonstrating LED lighting and so on, keeping pace with international demands for green New Deal business and low-carbon green growth. As we have planned for 4th step business of the photonics industry development and made a request for government support, we will push forward the project and secure the position of the industry clusters by implementing the infrastructure construction business of light-based convergent technology, global marketing support business of the photonics industry if it is confirmed.

For last 10years, in order to provide the support on the developments and increasement in sales within photonics industry in Gwangju, to be revaluated as power source for Korea's future growth for next 10 years, KAPID has been utilizing photonics communication and LED consortium based on establishments of complete road-map on the cultivation of photonics industry, certified photonics based common brand products(LUXKO) and providing support for overseas full scale development projects and moreover, KAPID would try our best to lead the industry as a pivot point to generate the concentrated power source from the industries, academies and research organizations that are related to photonics industry, to confront the facing challenges from within and outside the country.

Please send us your great support and cooperation for KAPID, which is playing the role of locomotive in cultivating and improving the Korean Photonics Industry.

All members of KAPID promises you that, we will give all our best efforts in preserving the rights of photonics industry and promoting the common interests.